Communication supporting industry refers to the communication service industry group which provides services directly to the communication supporting consumers

Communication Engineering (also known as telecommunication engineering Du, formerly known as long-distance communication engineering, weak current engineering) is an important branch of electronic engineering. It is also a basic discipline of electronic engineering. This subject focuses on the principle and application of information transmission and signal processing in the communication process. This major studies the knowledge of communication technology, communication system and communication network, and can be engaged in research, design, manufacturing and operation in the field of communication, as well as in the development and application of communication technology and equipment in various departments of the national economy and the national defense industry.


Power supply system of communication base station

The power supply system of communication base station is mainly composed of AC system and DC system. The AC system is mainly composed of one municipal power supply, one mobile oil engine power supply, lightning protection box and AC distribution box. DC system is mainly composed of high frequency switching power supply and battery pack. According to the power supply characteristics and technical requirements of communication industry, Huanyu Electric has developed TB series and Hu series miniature circuit breakers, which are used in special lightning protection box, AC distribution box, high frequency switching power supply and other equipment in communication industry