Machinery supporting industry reflects the level of a country's machinery industry and is a national strategic industry

China's construction machinery industry started late, but developed rapidly. Especially after the reform and opening up, the rapid economic growth, a large number of construction projects to promote the development of construction machinery products. At present, the ranking of construction machinery industry is the fourth of ten important industries with complete product categories, considerable scale and certain technical level in China's machinery industry, and China has also stepped into the seventh place in the ranks of construction machinery production countries in the world. It reflects the overall level of a country's machinery industry from one side. The developed countries in the world attach great importance to the development of construction machinery and regard it as a strategic industry.


Solutions for machine tool industry

Machine tool is a machine that processes metal blanks into machine parts. It is the machine that makes machines, so it is also called "machine tool" or "tool machine"

Machine tool for short.

There are many ways to process mechanical parts in modern mechanical manufacturing: in addition to cutting, there are casting, forging, welding, stamping, extrusion and so on

Generally, the parts with higher requirements of roughness and finer surface roughness need to be machined by cutting on the machine tool. In general machine building, machine

Machine tool plays an important role in the modernization of national economy.