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Huanyu Group Zhejiang Gaoke Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on low-voltage electrical components production and system solutions.

The company has a national post-doctoral research station, a provincial enterprise technology center, has more than 100 national invention patents and utility model patents, has undertaken the implementation of the national torch plan, provincial major scientific and technological research projects, and many of the company's products have been rated as Chinese famous brands. Products, national customer satisfaction products, Zhejiang famous brand products, Zhejiang manufacturing and the right to use the word "product".


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Service Center And Office

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Huanyu will continue to take "building a modern electrical enterprise with international reputation" as its development goal and strive to become a modern electrical enterprise with scientific management, leading technology and first-class benefits.


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The 21st century is an era of rapid advancement of Internet technology. People need communication and cooperation more than ever before. Fortunately, Huanyu Electric has always been advancing on the pulse of the times. We have built a series of communication platforms such as the company's official website, WeChat public account, Weibo, and blog. We are always waiting for you online.

Huanyu was founded in the beginning of 1989, and the wind and rain have been moving forward for nearly 30 years. With the enthusiastic care of the party committees and governments at all levels and all walks of life, thanks to the support of our customers, Huanyu High-tech has been advancing at an average annual rate of 30% in recent years! In the current severe global economic situation, such achievements are commendable and exciting!

Over the years, Huanyu has always aimed at the beautiful vision of "a trusted brand in the electrical field", adheres to the core values ​​of "pragmatic, honest, and innovative", adheres to the industry, the main business, innovation and change, and recruits talents, and strives to "build China’s industrial electrical First-class scientific and technological enterprise". The company allocates 5% of its sales revenue every year for technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, to improve its management level and market competitiveness. "Aspiring things will come true, and everybody will live up to it." Our efforts have brought about rapid development of the enterprise. The group's comprehensive strength has been ranked among the top 500 Chinese private enterprises for many consecutive years, and the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises have become a golden sign of the Chinese electrical industry! Huanyu Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is also taking advantage of Dongfeng and is actively preparing for the listing of the main board.

Company histroy

In 1989, the predecessor of Huanyu Electric, Yueqing County Great Wall Low Voltage Electrical Appliance Factory was established, and it has a history of thirty years. Looking back at history and looking forward to the future; the vicissitudes of life, the spring and autumn, the glorious history of Huanyu Electric for thirty years, and fruitful results, we have witnessed the development of the Chinese electrical industry while growing and fissioning.

2017 -

The 30th Anniversary of Huanyu Group

2016 -

The 30th Anniversary of Huanyu Group

2015 -

The 30th Anniversary of Huanyu Group

2014 -

The 30th Anniversary of Huanyu Group

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Committed to smart electrical, make life more Beautiful


Building a modern with an international reputation Electrical enterprise


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