After-sales service
Huanyu’s professional after-sales service team is dedicated to high satisfaction and trust
Our commitment
On-site or remote guidance on installation and commissioning to ensure the normal operation of the product. Once the commissioning is complete, Huanyu will join the acceptance.
  • Efficient production
  • Flexible logistics
  • Reliable delivery
  • On-site guidance
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • Long period of warranty
  • Repair & replace
  • Quick response
  • “Satisfying customers, employees and the society” is our business philosophy to offer customers with high-quality experience through comprehensive services and reliable products from production to acceptance.

  • Other transportation modes such as air and railway can be optional to meet customers’ special needs.

  • Quality certification and acceptance related technical documents or materials can be provided upon delivery.

  • On-site or remote guidance on installation and commissioning to ensure the normal operation of the product. Once the commissioning is complete, Huanyu will join the acceptance testing.

  • In the case of quality issue during acceptance, the company will handle it as the top priority and pay for the extra expense thereby incurred till the issue is solved.

  • The qualified products come with a 18-month free warranty after being put into rated operation. Lifetime maintenance at charge for the product is offered when the free warranty expires.

  • Products under warranty causing equipment damages, defects or faults will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

  • Customers’ maintenance needs will be responded within an hour. The company's after-sales service center and after-sales outlets are responsible for customers’ after-sales and technical consulting services in various regions, provided by professional after-sales engineers.

After-sales service policy
After-sales service policy

Maintenance and repair service instructions

Quick customer service response

  • Quick customer service response

    Upon urgent repair requests, if on-site service is needed, our service personnel will come to provide on-site after-sales services within the specified time to deal with the problems and eliminate the faults:

    a) Within 24 hours in Wenzhou;

    b) Within 48 hours in Zhejiang;

    c) Within 72 hours in other regions outside Zhejiang;

    d) Within the period as both parties agreed.

  • All products sold by the company come with maintenance services for customers.

    a) You can ask for a refund, replacement or repair if any quality problems happen during the 18-month warranty. The maintenance shall be charged based on the cost of parts when the warranty expires.

    b) On-site repair and maintenance will be given to those large, bulky and inconveniently delivered products if both parties agree.

    c) The extra expenses due to quality problems will be paid by the company when the product is under warranty. If the quality problems happen when the warranty expires or due to customers’ improper operation, the extra expenses shall be paid by customers.

After-sales contact information
Service hotline: 400-887-5757 (dial 2 to transfer)
(8:00-17:00, Monday to Friday)
Send an Email to or leave an online message below. Our professional customer support team will contact you within 24 hours.
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  • Service Process
    We adopt standardized service process for more efficient and professional customer service, higher satisfaction and most trust.