Technological innovation
Research and development lay the foundation for enterprises’ constant innovation. Huanyu is committed to improving its comprehensive abilities and organizing R&D for products by continuing to promote digital transformation and build a future factory.
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    Of sales revenue invested in R&D
Innovation Lights up the Future
Research and development lay the foundation for enterprises’ constant innovation.

Investment of more than 5% of sales revenue in product R&D and technical innovation.

Development of 28 series of low-voltage devices, instruments and complete sets of equipment and 1000+ specifications with proprietary intellectual property rights, by bringing in advanced R&D, production and testing equipment and utilizing 2D, 3D, electronic and simulation tools

A solid guaranty for product research and development by close partnership with domestic test organizations and continuous growth in test, verification and analysis capabilities.

Type tests covering electrical endurance test, mechanical endurance test, EMC test, material analysis, 3D projection, environment temperature test, temperature rise test, SGS test, etc.

Smart manufacturing shows ingenuity
Build a factory of future through digital transformation

We are optimizing manufacturing process by deploying lean management, improving the plant layout, balancing production lines, reforming tooling equipment.

We are improving supply chain agility by introducing flexible production to increase efficiency and meet customization needs, and integrating ERP, MES, CRM, PLM and other IT based systems.

With customer requirements as the core, we interconnect internal business teams including R&D, manufacturing, supply chain and sales to boost the higher synergy across teams.

While the whole value chain from requirements to product design and delivery is undergoing digitalization, we are making a more digital and intelligent Huanyu, empowered with excellent operation.