Huanyu High-tech – A Joint Venture of Eaton and Huanyu meets growing demand for circuit protection solutions in Philippines with the launch of “HUYU” brand
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Huanyu High-tech – A Joint Venture of Eaton and Huanyu meets growing demand for circuit protection solutions in Philippines with the launch of “HUYU” brand

This is the first time the HUYU brand has been officially launched in Southeast Asia.

Philippines, 23 February 2022 … Huanyu High-tech – A joint venture of Eaton and Huanyu has launched its HUYU range of low-voltage circuit protection solutions, which are designed to help businesses and households meet the growing demand for safe, reliable, and efficient power. 

The launch marks a milestone for the newly established joint venture of Eaton and Huanyu that manufactures and markets low-voltage circuit breakers and contactors in China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The two companies had announced their partnership last year with Eaton’s acquisition of a 50 percent stake in Huanyu High-tech. 

As the use of modern appliances grows, existing electrical systems that lack the capacity to support increasing power demands may exacerbate the threat of electrical fires, resulting in serious harm. According to the Bureau of Fire Protection, electrical connection issues are one of the top causes of fires in Metro Manila. Devices like Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) and Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) can help to protect power equipment from hazards such as overload and short circuit, and improve the reliability of the power network. This is especially important for businesses which rely on a steady source of power, such as network communications, transportation, manufacturing and construction.

“COVID-19 and recent technological advancements have accelerated digital transformation in many organizations, contributing to higher levels of power consumption. Ensuring power quality and efficiency is a priority for businesses, especially during the dry season,” said Oliver San Juan, Sales Director, Philippines, Eaton East Asia. 

“Facilities teams should conduct regular inspections of their power distribution and protection systems,” Oliver advised. “Replacing ageing components with energy-efficient alternatives will help to lower operational costs and carbon emissions. Organizations who meet their power demands safely and efficiently will be well-equipped to deliver better services, innovate and stay ahead in a smarter future.”

“With Eaton’s global scale and presence in Southeast Asia and Huanyu High-tech’s strong product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities in China, the availability of ‘HUYU’ brand will allow us to present even greater variety and value to our customers. This aligns very well with our commitment to empower organizations with future-ready infrastructure and technology A joint venture of Eaton and HUYU tools,” said Larry Cunanan, Vice President, Business Development at MEC Networks Corporation, an authorized distributor of both Eaton and Huanyu High-tech.

The HUYU EXB3 Miniature Circuit Breakers and EXM3 Moulded Case Circuit Breakers are now available through MEC Networks Corporation in Manila, and will be introduced to the rest of the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions by June 2022. For more information, please contact our local sales representative, Ms.Hazelyn Antonio, Phone: +63 998-595-3734 ; Email address

About Huanyu High-tech Co., Ltd.

Jointly invested by Eaton and Huanyu Group in 2021, Huanyu High-tech Co., Ltd. serves as a professional electrical equipment manufacturer. It is committed to providing customers with value-added electrical components and system solutions with high reliability.

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